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A Revolutionary Way To Connect Healthcare Professionals and Employers
Get The Exact Job You Want

Healthcare is booming and all specialties are in high demand
Many of us chose healthcare careers for the industry's long-term job security – and we made the right decision! Today, any qualified healthcare professional can easily receive several job offers. The key is finding the RIGHT opportunity.

Medicism HC ProTM Provides More Choices

Traditional recruiters only share opportunities from employers that have agreed to pay them a commission. Medicism is different. Our advanced technology constantly scours all healthcare job boards and organizations' websites to gather and index any published job opportunity in the U.S. Your free HC Pro account provides ongoing access to the complete database of jobs, searchable by profession, specialty, location, employer, and other criteria, or use our job matching technology to quickly see those in your "sweet spot." If your perfect job exists, we'll help you find it.

Execute a Job Search Campaign

On the other hand, maybe it's all about the money, or the location, and you want to execute a job search campaign targeting many employers in order to compare multiple offers. HC Pro empowers your proactive efforts with robust cloud-based Opportunity Management and Tracking tools that help you expand the reach of your marketing campaign without distracting your focus from that one chance to make a first impression.

Speak Directly to Employers

Medicism is not a recruiter, nor do we receive commissions, fees, or kickbacks from employers or recruiters to promote their jobs. We are a resource. We reproduce current job listings from the Internet including the contact information provided. You speak directly to the hiring manager for any opportunity in our database.

Additional Support Services

Medicismendorses additional support services provided by our affiliated providers. These Affiliates provide services related to the candidate/job search process Professional services available include:

Immigration Consultation and Assistance
Information and Assistance with Medical Licensing

Managed Job Search
Contract Review and Negotiation

Contact Us to learn more about any of these services.

Search our Jobs database 1000s of Jobs. Search often - new jobs are added every day. It's as easy as 1-2-3!

Create a Resume As a member, you have access to resume templates specifically tailored for your profession by our healthcare HR pros. Create and store yours onsite. Edit it as needed for each job opportunity and then email it directly to the employers with one click.

Store Your Documents Your account includes storage in our secure cloud for all of your job search-related documents, such as copies of your diplomas, certifications, resume templates, and licenses, where they are always available for you to send to an employer in seconds. Never worry about a fax machine or waste money and time on regular mail again.

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