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A Revolutionary Way To Connect Healthcare Professionals and Employers
Value and Value-added Services

Medicism is a comprehensive employment platform for healthcare professionals and their employers

Healthcare employers in the US spend millions of dollars each year to recruit workers. Much of that money goes to "middlemen," professional recruiters that arrange the initial introduction. We believe it is money that could be better used to hire more caregivers or lower patient costs.

Medicism was created by healthcare professionals to make it easier for employers and healthcare workers to find each other – we don't need anyone to introduce us. Medicism automates many of the traditional recruiter functions to empower employers and professionals to control and execute an energetic, comprehensive, and yet, cost effective candidate/job search campaign.

Medicism is supported by the advertisers on this site and from fees received from employers opting to purchase our enhanced recruiting services. We do not receive a fee, bonus, commission or other incentive for facilitating automated candidate/job matches or when any professional is hired. We are not tied to any recruiting organization and do not limit the jobs posted here to those from any specific employer or recruiter.

Our guarantee is to provide a powerful employment platform, open to all healthcare employers and professionalsfree of charge. Our advanced technology will constantly seek new job opportunities across the Internet and within all healthcare professions andspecialties. We will reproduce those accurately to allow our clients to directly contact each other without further assistance from Medicism. We do not share our clients' personal information or use it in any way except to improve their use of the Medicism site and functionality.

Please Contact Us with any questions or suggestions on how we can improve

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