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A Revolutionary Way To Connect Healthcare Professionals and Employers
A New Solution for Healthcare Recruiting

Execute acomprehensivecandidate search with Medicism EmployTM Job Matching and Applicant Tracking for healthcare employers
If it's your job to fill critical job openings in a healthcare organization, here's something you already know – qualified candidates are in high demand. In this seller's market, employers can't rely on a simple job ad to attract the best applicants. A comprehensive candidate search must be undertaken and proactive steps pursued to recruit the most qualified people. Traditionally, organizations have engaged third-party recruiters to conduct such a campaign. It is a labor intensive and expensive strategy.

Medicism Employ offers a cost-effective alternative: revolutionary Job Matching technology and a cloud-based Applicant Tracking solution coupled with the industry's largest database of healthcare professionals. With Medicism Employ, organizationscan pinpoint the people they need and execute an aggressive ground game to bring them on board.

You Can't Wait for Candidates to Apply

If you are waiting for qualified professionals to respond to your job posts, you've already missed the best candidates. There's a reason it's called "recruiting." Just as third-party recruiters actively pursue all candidates – even ones happily employed – you have to execute a comprehensive search and then reach out to the professionals you identify.

The Medicism Employ candidate database was front-loaded with personal profiles of more than 500,000 people currently qualified and employed as healthcare workers in the US. That number has grown since the company launched as more professionals added their profiles to the site to begin their own job searches. As an employer, you have free access to the entire candidate database and the ability to post your job openings for their review.

Focus Your Search with Advanced Job Matching Technology

Medicism has borrowed technology innovated by the online dating industry to create a revolutionary job matching capability that lets employers and healthcare professionals quickly zero in on the best positions and candidates for their needs.The effect is to attain through automation much of the value proposition offered by expensive third-party recruiters – the assessment of professional profiles according to many dimensions of compatibility in order to identify the best candidates – except that Medicism Employ assesses hundreds of thousands of profilesbased on criteria you select.

Applicant Tracking to Efficiently Manage Multiple Searches

Hundreds of resumes, a dozen candidates, three or more interviews, due diligence on each one's credentials and background – hiring just one professional is a complex process. Hiring many professionals – including critical needs positions – can easily devolve into chaos. Medicism Employ provides a powerful applicant tracking system that empowers a singlein-house recruiter to manage the caseload for the entire organization.

Premium HC Employ Accounts

There is never a charge to any employer or healthcare professionalto access the Medicism database through HC Pro and HC EmployOne for a unique job or candidate search. However, for organizations that need to hire multiple positions, perhaps in different fields and/or on an ongoing basis, or that need to execute an aggressive campaign to locate a professional with very specific skills whether s/he is actively seeking new employment or not, we do offer, as an option, a suite of enhanced services and site functionality – HC EmployAll – for a reasonable fee.

With HC EmployAll,a single user can conduct a systematic marketing campaign and recruiting strategy for dozens of open positions. Search nationwide for those needle-in-the-haystack candidates you must find or expand your target groups toidentify the best of the best by region or specialty. HC EmployAll guides and tracks your activity for each position posted and facilitates your communications to all applicants.

Additional Support Services

As a service to our members and in order to provide a complete employer solution, Medicismhas conducted market research to identify and recommend competent, ethical, employment professionals whose services complement those we offer.

**DISCLAIMER: Medicism does not receive financial compensation or benefit of any kind from the service providers we recommend, nor do we have any contractual arrangements, mutual agreements, or other commitment to refer or be referred by any company. We have not asked for or been given permission to recommend any providers. Consequently, we cannot guarantee or warrant the services provided by any company we recommend. Our recommendations can be based on information we have gleaned from various sources, both public and private.

For smaller healthcare facilities andprivate practicesthat do not have the support staff or financial resources to conduct a full-cycle recruiting campaign, we can recommend providers of the following professional services that are crucial to the candidate/job search process:

Information and assistance with medical licensing and hospital credentialing
Custom candidate searchesand professional recruiting

Visa sponsorship; immigration consultation and assistance
Travel arrangements – for interviews, meetings, or locum tenens assignments

Anonymous or sensitive inquiries; candidate background search
Contract review and negotiation

Contact Us Usto learn more about any of these services.

Search our Healthcare Professionals database It's FREE! 1000s of resumes from certified and experienced healthcare professionals with current contact information. Search often - new resumes are added every day. It's as easy as 1-2-3!

Create a Job Post Easily create a professional job posting. We provide templates for popular professions – you just plug in the details – or upload your own. Return to edit or update a job post at any time. HC Employ provides page view metrics for each job post, so you can confirm effectiveness, and tools to manage candidate inquiries and communications onsite. A downloadable app lets you receive those messages on your smartphone.

Store Your Documents Your account includes storage in our secure cloud for all of your job-related documents, such as hospital credentialing forms, employment applications, and clearance documents, where they are always available for you to send to a candidate in seconds. Never worry about a fax machine or waste money and time on regular mail again.

e-Marketing with Medicism Employers who have opted for our HC EmployMany services can post an unlimited number of job opportunities in any healthcare field. For hard-to-fill positions, they have access to Medicism national e-marketing programs that promote specific job opportunities to candidates across the country, including those who are currently employed and not actively seeking a new job, or that target a specific candidate profile by region or specialty.

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